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Hereditary Breast Cancer

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Our BRCA Test panel helps to inform people about their hereditary cancer risks.  Our BRCA test results enable you  to take preventative measures and guide proactive care.  




PHACS™  -- Personalized Health Assessments and Clinical Services

Breast Cancer impacts the lives of many women.1


Early detection of breast cancer risks helps to improve survival rates!


Minority women at Greater Risk than the General Population!


Early detection is critical.


Genetic tests for BRCA genetic markers identify your risks.


We offer the BRCA-PHACS™ breast cancer risk assessment service.


BRCA-PHACS™ genetic tests are based on proven evidence based research methodologies.


BRCA-PHACS™ genetic testing results help guide preventive and therapeutic options.


Manage Your Risks!  Get your BRCA-PHACS™ genetic tests.

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